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Page last updated 14 April 2019

Elswood Bowmen The friendly St Albans archery club

Elswood welcome all archers, with members mostly using recurve or compound bows.  We also have a small traditional archery section shooting English longbows.

Recurve bows are the type used in the Olympics and have limbs that bend in two directions.  They use a single aiming point  and use weights to balance the bow and reduce vibration.

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Compound bows are more recent and have cams (pulleys).  They are also allowed a back sight and a front magnifying sight, making them very accurate.

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The longbows shot are based on the design of the traditional English longbow, dating back nearly a thousand years.  Most longbows now use laminated wood to mimic the heart and sap wood from a traditional stave, due to the difficulty of obtaining good staves.

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Elswood welcome crossbows, as long as they comply with Archery GB’s rules of shooting.  However we currently don’t have anyone using them.

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