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Elswood Bowmen The friendly St Albans archery club Elswood Bowmen 2011/2012 Results

Dunstable New Year Junior Indoor Fun Shoot 2012

On Sunday the 29th January 2012 Dunstable Bowmen held a juniors fun shoot at Manshead School in Caddington for any archer under 18.

Under 18s and under 15s shot on a 60cm target. The under 13s shot on an 80cm face and under 10s shot on a 122cm face.

There were 4 archers representing Elswood Bowmen Adam Toon, Joshua Toon, Jimmy Mitchell and Ellie Mitchell.  Jimmy and Joshua shot in the under 13 age group, Adam in the under 15s and Ellie in the under 18s. There were 11 archers in the under 13 men's age group, so Jim and Joshua had a lot of competition. They shot very well with Jimmy coming 7th with 340 and Joshua coming in 11th with 146.

There were 3 boys in Adam's under 15 age group. Adam also shot very well coming 1st with a score of 340, the same score as Jimmy's but on a smaller target.

Ellie was the only girl in her age group which was lucky for her and unsurprisingly, she came 1st with a score of 294. Ellie also got the prize for best gold.

The refreshments were very tasty and I think it is fair to say that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

By Ellie Mitchell with assistance from Jimmy Mitchell

February Beginners’ Course

We had ten beginners braving the snow and ice to attend the course.

Left is one of our junior beginners, Charlie, shooting a 29 end at 20yds.

Below is a despondent Clive, as he only shot 28.

Charlie’s review of the course

As a first time archer, I really enjoyed these first few lessons. The instructors where helpful, everyone gave off a friendly atmosphere, and I felt I learnt a lot, and definitely improved.  5 stars!

Hertfordshire County Chamionships

7th July 2012 - hosted by Hemel Hempstead Archers

The day was more reminiscent of a summer music festival than a glorious archery shoot ! There were wellies, umberellas and a lot of mud along the shooting line. Nevertheless, despite rumours that the tournament might be truncated, the Judges in their wisdom, decided to go ahead with the full 12 dozen arrows, making for a long and soggy day of fun. The cheers from the crowd seemed to rise to a fever pitch as we loosed the last couple of dozen arrows, but this turned out to be from a crowd watching the Olympic Torch travel through Hemel nearby rather than for our persistence in the pouring rain.

Elswood had a small team choosing to shoot this Rose Status event.

Richard and Dave shot the York round, this being rather tiring shooting

100 yards on a muddy and sloping (uphill on the way back) field. Jacky had a go at the Hereford and achieved an unconfirmed Last place .  .  .

Joshua and Adam had a great time shooting with the Juniors, many of whom they had shot with before at other competitions and league matches. Adam was the hero of the day for Elswood, he managed to earn a Fita Rose

(white) for his score of 818 for a Bristol 3. He also came away with the Gold Medal and Trophy having become the Under 14 Recurve County Champion. This post was last held by an Elswood Archer (Danton Briggs) in 1986 !

Well Done All - and Well Done Adam.

Green Dragon Windsor

Elswood Team Bronze medal

(Richard Stock, Clive Tocher, Dave Toon, Jacky Toon)

Married Couples Silver medal

(Jacky & Dave Toon)

Junior Windsor GOLD Medal

(Adam Toon)

February County Champs 11th Feburary

There were three people shooting for Elswood, Oliver Lomax, Adam Toon, and Joshua Toon. The shoot was for both juniors and adults. The Elswood archers were all in the under 14 gents.

In the standings, Adam came 2nd, Oliver came 5th, and Joshua came 12th.

The shoot was at St Albans Girls School and was sponsored by Aim for sport, who set up a shop area outside the hall in which the shoot took place. The shoot was a Portsmouth, (5 dozen arrows at 20 yards).

League match between Elswood and Green Dragon 15th July 2012.




Dave Toon         547    72    6

Nigel Booker     539    71    11

Clive Tocher      535    72    9

Richard Stock   533    72    6

Richard Pile      471    68    6


Totals             2625   355   38


Green Dragon


Paul Richards    550    72    7

Dave Harold       520    70    8

Tony Verboom   518    71    4

Paul Hook         490    71    6

Ray Scoggins    479    69    9


Totals              2557   352  34


A win to Elswood by 68 points

Gentlemen Recurve




Richard Stock




Dave Toon




Clive Tocher




Clive Erlebach




Ladies Recurve

Jacky Toon




Junior boy


Adam Toon




Luke Dyer




Josh Toon




Junior Boys


Niam Mchugh




Ely trophy

Clive Tocher

Dave Toon



S Metric

Clive Erlebach



S Metric

Adam Toon




Josh Toon




Elswood Club Championships  -   9th September 2012

Hertford Company of Archers (Away) - 27th May 2012

HCA score v Elswood score

 Robbie Robinson 573   Nigel Booker 536

 Ralph Martin 551   Clive Toucher 528

 John Kingston 545   Dave Toon 519

 Peter Brown 544   Richard Stock 490

 Sarah Gowans 510   Richard Philpott 460

   2723     2533

On one of the few hot sunny afternoons of 2012 we all donned our sun cream and silly hats to shoot at the lovely Butts range. It was a very relaxed and friendly match with juniors joining in from both teams. At one point we resorted to three metal detectors and still failed to find a stray arrow, unsurprising as it lay waiting about 50 yards away, never trust an archer who tells you they are sure their arrow landed just there!

Thanks to the Hertford team for their hospitality and a great tea. The Dundee cake laced with bourbon was a real hit!

Hinxworth (Away) - 24th June 2012

Hinxworth score v Elswood score

 Tony Dawson 592   Richard Stock 524

 Matt Townsend 571   Dave Toon 521

 Alan Townsend 558   Clive Tocher 454

 Mark Fewsdale 558   Clive Erlebach 424

 Bob Scales 555   Richard Philpott 412

   2834     2335


On what looked to be a fairly rainy day we ventured up the A1 to join Hinxworth for the League match. The skies changed from blue to grey with alarming regularity and accompanying gusts of wind. This made for some challenging shooting, but the rain itself held off until we were safely in the village hall enjoying some excellent tea and cakes.

Richard Stock as our top scorer was awarded a souvenir trophy in recognition of the Olympic year. Thanks to Hinxworth for the lovely tea.

Hemel Hempstead (Home) – 12th August

Elswood score v Hemel Hempstead Archers score

 Richard Stock 543       Chris Smith 551

 Dave Toon 531            Lubos Svorad 546

 Cliver Tocher 519       Dave Potter 506

 Richard Pile 428          Darren Leddy 465

 Richard Philpott 406   Richard Hutchinson 468

                            2427                2536

 2012 – August – would you believe it another fine day for a league match. We welcomed a small group from Hemel – there were some fine Archers in their team and they overpowered us. Good shooting all!

Thanks to Deborah, who without the distraction of shooting produced a marvellous tea. Helped by Luke Dyer who provided the now famous Malteaser cake.

The ended with the long awaited presentation of the Darts Trophies to Clive Tocher and Adam Toon.

HCA Junior Fun Shoot – 15nd Sept

On a Glorious September day we ventured to the Butts at Herford for the Junior Fun shoot. With Field Captain Sherriff Alan Mawditt and judge Tracey Jackson, this has to be the best shoot of the year – what a shame it’s only for Juniors.

The morning session involved shooting at fun targets set at varying distances at in the 10 – 15 yard range making sights only slightly helpful. Over lunch the BBQ was fired up by Lady Helen Mawditt to produce mountains for burgers and Hot dogs.

In the afternoon the juniors got to shoot a clout , shooting at Castle Walls, Knights and Shields at about 70m.

Finally there was an Agincourt – everyone shot a single arrow together at the knight - Joshua Toon was the only archer to hit him with a fine thigh shot, winning the fabulous Samurai Warrior Trophy.

Luke Dyer won the overall trophy for 14 year-olds and Adam Toon won the Trophy for most Shields in the clout. Everyone also was given a Buff by the event sponsors.

A big Thank-You to Jeanne Spooner who organises this fantastic event.