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Page last updated 26 June 2019

Elswood Bowmen The friendly St Albans archery club

Directions to the Chapel (map)

The Chapel is set back behind trees on an unmarked road off Porters Park Drive in Shenley.  Entry to Porters Park Drive is from either the top or bottom of Black Lion Hill (B5378).

From  the bottom

It's about 0.7 of a mile in a loop.  Pass The Lawns on your right and Grace Av on your left.  The Chaple is the next road on your right.  If you pass Juniper Gardens on your right you’ve gone past.

From the top

It's about 0.4 of a mile.  You will pass Tesco set back to your right and then Juniper Gardens on your left.   The Chaple is the next road on your left.  If you pass The Lawns on your left you have gone past.

Go down the drive to the carpark.  The entrance to the Chaple is on the carpark side.

WD7 9EZ will get you to The Lawns, which is the next road.

Photos of the Chapel can be fount here

Directions to outdoor field at Highfield (map)

From  Highfield Road

Turn in at the gate in Highfield Lane, pictured below.  The post code of the adjacent house is AL4 0RE. The gate will usually be open, but club members can use either their key or ring the field captain if it’s not.  Drive to the end of the track, where it bends to the left onto the car park. Be aware there is a large sleeping policeman towards then end of the track.

The field captain has a mobile phone that you can ring if you are having difficulty finding us.  (07906 234 038)

Please note that this number is only monitored while we are setting up and will be switched off once we start shooting.  

It  will receive texts but voice mails will not be retrieved.

Beginners using club kit should send a text to let the field captain know you are coming so we can set the field up appropriately and bring the correct bows etc.